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User retention

Owing to mobile banking features, 25% of the money stays within the banking system. This became possible due to the fact that the recently introduced mobile payment function is used by 76% of end-users. To make it attractive, our specialists applied the UСD (User-Centered Design) methodology and simplified the payment process from six to two stages.

Increased conversion rates

The average time spent on the page is now 1.5 minutes. The bounce rate was reduced to 17%, which had a positive impact on the conversion rates. By changing the visual components via Jakob Nielsen's heuristics concerning consistency and visual standards, both the information blocks and visual components were rearranged, which made it possible to achieve a conversion rate of 2.5%.

Greater accessibility

UX research clearly indicates that after the needed changes had been introduced, 24% of users started to interact with the CTA. By altering the UI elements, contrasts, and headings, we reached the AA level measured by the Understanding Focus Visible block standards in accordance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines v.2.1 criteria.

Users lost by the system

Previously, without a proper payment function, the mobile banking system would lose 35% of its users' money, as 15% of them preferred transferring money to other mobile banking solutions. They used to do so to pay for both quick purchases and services.

Insufficient conversions

The customer's site had a serious performance issue. Visitors used to spend too little time on the page — approximately 30 seconds. Many of them would then leave the page. That is to say, the bounce rate — i.e., the percentage of users leaving the page — was 45%, which indicated insufficient involvement with the content. As an outcome, the conversion rate was less than 1% in this case.

Low accessibility level

Relevant UX research indicated that 16% of users were visually impaired and would use their keyboards as a point of interaction with the user interface. Hence as many as 23% of users would not interact with the CTA at all. Applying WCAG 2.1 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) made it possible to detect an insufficient level of accessibility if measured by the Understanding Focus Visible criterion.

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