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The need of Live chat for websites

Several hundred companies with thousands of products and services are going online in recent years. Internet is quite correctly the biggest platform of marketing in the twenty-first century. With growing competition, the quality and overall standard of the services, as well as the features and user-friendliness of the websites, are undergoing rapid progress. Entrepreneurs and developers strive to make websites much more appealing and helpful for customers every day. One such tool to engage the subscribers and/or customers in interactive communication is Chat Wizard Suites.


JivoChat is a suite that utilizes innovative and customizable mobile chat wizards. Companies use this for organizing and streamlining customer communication. A neat and useful chat system encourages users to subscribe, purchase products, or read their content.

Image- 1 Beautiful responsive mobile-optimized view of JivoChat.

Keeping in mind the interests of small and mid-scale businesses, the price of JivoChat is affordable and comes with a flexible scheme. Chat wizards proactively engage users in chats. Acknowledgment of users’ reviews, quick responding to customer support, and resolving issues faster with better care ensure the trust of users.

Based on the requirements of the company, a system is needed to personalize as per the type of industry, categories of clients, and workers. To get the best results, first, you have to understand the requirements and objectives of the company. As per the need, choose basic tools or complex tools. If you want any industry-specific functionalities, that too should reflect in your selection.

JivoChat uses ‘smart triggers‘. It has the ability to set rules formed on page visits and time on page to trigger and send specific automated replies to messages. A good live chat is a must for any web business in this era.

Reviews and experience ratings of real customers help to assess the idea of the services provided by different Live Chat software. Similarly, expert opinions about the same are also assistive in your buying.

Advantages of Live Chat

The advantages of using a good live chat on your website are manifold. Some of them are as follows:

  • Skillful customer service and proper handling of complaints are vital parts of the business. Live Chat is an interactive feature that is very handy to attend to customer complaints as, an alternative to phone calls.
  • The Live Chat feature is more convenient for customers. Many have specific dislikes such as talking over the telephone or email conversation. Live Chat is simple and customers can start a conversation on their own time and continue it according to their convenience.
  • An increase in scopes of communication through conversation is a benefit provided by Live Chat. With regular interactions, a web page or an online store is likely to convert users to paying subscribers.
  • One of the best plus points of Live Chat is its fast and responsive nature. Agents and support staff engage in interactive conversation and issues are handled more effectively in much less time. Waiting time or queues reduce making the end-users of the website contended.

Live Chat is a must-have feature if the e-business is to succeed. JivoChat comes with browser-based, android, iOS agent apps. Response to the customers is easier from anywhere with it. Customer satisfaction is the key to success in e-business. Giving the end-users the best responsive ways of interaction will boost the company name.

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