Top Features of Live Chat Software For Better Customer Support


For any company, the main requirement is to address the issues that are faced by their customers. There are many customer care options that a company usually provides to their customers. 24×7 toll free number, email support and recently live chat support is another attractive feature that the company is offering their customers. In live chat support the customer would be able to chat with the executive of the company directly on their website.

In this heavily competitive world, having some extra support options for customers is surely going to bring in a lot more business to your company. So live chat plays an important role and it is one of the best ways the customers can interact with the executives of the company.

Here are some of the features that you must watch out in the live chat support before you opt for them.

Proactive Chat

The proactive chat helps the executives to reach out for the new visitors for your website. These visitors can also become the potential clients in near future so providing them with the assistance they require is very essential. In proactive chat, the invitation for live chat support is sent to the customer through a small chat box in the end or in some other way. If the customer is in need of the live chat he will respond with his query. More than 44% people would like to have real time support when they are online shopping or searching for some help online.

Chat Monitoring

As the owner of the business it is your responsibility to observe the way executives are responding to the customer queries, how many executives are working, what is the chat rate of an executive and many other such details? All these details will help you in understanding how well the live chat program is working and how productive it is.

Mobile Optimized

Reputable live chat software providers like JivoChat will make sure that the customers can chat even on mobile. Usually most of the live chat software are built based on the computer platform but it is important to provide the assistance for the customers through mobile also. So it is important for the live chat to have a mobile optimized version.

Beautiful responsive mobile optimized view of JivoChat.

Tracking of the Visitors

The live chat software must be capable enough to provide a deeper insight of the number of visitors a website had per day and how many conversations went on the whole day, how much time has been spent by each visitor on the live chat, the conversation in the live chat, activity tracking and monitoring of the chat history.

Faster Resolution from Offline Reforms

You can leave a message to the visitors stating that the agents are offline and will get back to them as soon as possible. The chat window can also be turned off for a stipulated period of time. In the mean while the agents will get an offline message about the visitor so that they can get back immediately.

These are some of the key features that must be present in live chat software.




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