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Understanding an Email Signature

The email signature can be referred to as a block of texts which are attached at the end of an email message. These texts contain the name of the user, business contact information, logo, images, handwritten signature, website URL, etc. Email signatures can rather be considered as professional business cards. It looks really professional and attractive too when one sends an email signature along with some content. Though it is suitable for formal uses only, it still can be used in many aspects.

Steps to Create an Email Signature in Outlook

Creating an email signature is not at all a tiresome job. The user just needs to follow the following steps in order to create a perfect email signature:

  • A new email message should be opened.
  • “Signatures” should be selected from the menu where message options are displayed.
  • “New” should be clicked from “Select Signature to Edit”.
  • A name should be typed for a proper signature in the “New Signature” box.
  • Under the “Edit Signature” box, one can easily create a signature. Font type, font colours, font sizes, and even text alignment can be changed under this section.
  • Links and social media icons can also be added under this box. To be precise, the “Edit Signature” box bears a lot of functions. The following options should be set under the “Choose Default Signature” menu:
  1. In “Email Account” drop-down box, an email account should be chosen which will remain attached with the signature or multiple signatures.
  2. The user can automatically add signatures to default messages and can even disable this function by selecting and deselecting one of the signatures from “New Messages” drop-down box.
  3. One of the signatures should be selected in the “Replies/Forwards” drop-down box if the user wants the signature to appear in the messages he/she replies to and forward.
  • “OK” should be chosen by the user and the message box should be opened again. The newly created email signature won’t be added by Outlook automatically. The user needs to add the signature manually to this one message only. From the next messages, the signatures will be added automatically.
  • The signatures can also be added manually.

In order to add a logo or image to the signature, the user needs to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • A new message should be selected and then “Signature > Signatures” should be selected.
  • The signature should be selected from “Select Signature to Edit” in which the logo or image is to be added.
  • The image icon should be selected, followed by locating the image file and then select “Insert”.
  • The selected image can be resized and the aspect ratio can also be locked.
  • “OK” should be pressed to save the changes.

Advantages of Email Signatures

Following are some of the advantages of email signature which adds on to certain benefits of the user and proves itself to be a feature worth using:

  • Branding purposes can be done.
  • Professionalism can be maintained.
  • It helps people as a digital business card.
  • Valid at all places.
  • Quick links and personal information can be sent.

If you need a helping hand, we can design a professional email signature for your personal or business email, contact us today.

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