5 best free web analytics tools and their features

We have short listed best available free web analytics tools with their features, with the best tools with top rankings. These tools will greatly help your blog or website to improve content on them and better engagement of visitors. 

#1 – Clicky

The best thing about Clicky is its simplified dashboard which makes it very convenient to check statistics and take quick actions. Plus, it offers:

  • Real time data
  • Twitter Search tracking
  • Cost: Free. Pro version for $9.99/Month onwards

I particularly love their “Spy” feature, similar to the online feature on Google Analytics. It’s easy on the eye and offers a detailed view of what users are doing on your site, from where they were referred, the country they are in, and the browser and platform they are using to access your content. All of it, in real time.

Ramsay Taplin gives a solid review of Clicky and goes to the extent of saying that it’s better than Goggle Analytics! Blasphemy, is what it is!

#2 – Open Web Analytics (OWA)

Few features:

  • Open source
  • Self-Hosted
  • Heatmaps and mouse tracking
  • Funnel Analytics
  • Cost: Free

And what makes it absolutely irresistible is that it’s fast. You can see that special care has been taken to make information visually appealing and easier to read.

#3 – Piwik

Here’s what Piwik’s features are:

  • Self-hosted (PHP, MySQL)
  • Privacy and data ownership
  • Customized dashboard, with adjustable widgets for displaying stats
  • Faster interface and quicker insights
  • Community support in 53 different languages
  • Cost: Free; the Piwik pro starts at $65 per month

Piwik, apart from giving you complete control over data, is really helpful if you intend to create your own plugins. This is basically because it’s a plugin-based tool.

Here, WebAppstorm has a detailed review of Piwik Analytics.

#4 – Woopra

These features of Woopra make it worth trying:

  • Ability to have a live chat with visitors
  • Its “Appconnect” feature
  • Customized dashboard for each user
  • Cost: Free (till 30000 visitors), Pay $80-$1200+ per month to get more.

What I found the most interesting was its “Appconnect” feature. With it, you can utilize the services and features of 3rd party applications through Woopra. This can also include analyzing user behavior and triggering third party applications. For example, triggering a live chat based on a certain user behavior.

Trey Ratcliff reviews Woopra in a quickvideo which you can check for a detailed review.

#5 – Heap Analytics

Here’s what impressed me about Heap Analytics:

  • User-friendly, with point-and-click interfaces
  • Define custom events to use the Event Visualizer
  • Cost: Free; Pro version starts $59-$399

This is a tool that efficiently tracks everything – video play, file downloads, form submissions, and literally anything you can place a tracking code on to! Heap records all bits of data and this helps you answer any question you have later.

And now we move on to paid tools – the ones that bring out every marketer’s deepest apprehensions. But trust me, the ones I’ll be listing out will be worth every buck.

Martin Bryant explains how Heap Analytics brings a clever approach to tracking interactions on your website.

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