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What to expect from a Website design Agency?

The website is necessary for everyone nowadays. Having a professional website is an important part of any business. Nowadays, many freelancers and website design agencies will work with you to find out what you need from your website and offer you the best solution for the most affordable price in Switzerland. These agencies are providing one-stop solutions relating to eCommerce web-look, content writing like a blog, SEO services, Maintenance, and updating of your websites.

Here are some of the services provided by the website design agency as:

  • Web-Design & development

Having a professional website for your business will attract more and more online customers for your business. In this information age, online presence has become necessary. To grow your business, one must have a Professional Graphic Design so that customers are well aware of your website and products and services offered by you.

  • Video marketing

Video marketing has become part of the startups and existing businesses. Thus to attract more online customer’s video marketing has become a lucrative way of attracting customers through WordPress website speed optimisation. Nowadays, YouTube and other forms of emotional video marketing have become a great way of attracting new customers.

  • Logo and Branding

For presence in the information, age brand has become most important for the authenticity of products or services. The Logo design agency will remind the customer’s product and services, and with the presence of good branding, your product will be sold at good prices. Branding will create an impression of quality products and services, and one does not have to go elsewhere.

  • SEO Optimization

SEO optimization has played an important role in digital marketing. The website design agency will optimize your website and can reach out to your customers easily and quickly. Customers search for everything online, and hence, every businessman wants to optimize his website at top searches so that the respective products get listed first and sold easily.

  • Content for Blog

Blogging has become nowadays most important because it will make educate the customer of its products and services in detail. Nowadays, the blog has become part and parcel of any website so that startups or any company will make ware of its products to its customers properly. Having Blogs will educate your customers about products and services in which you are dealing with in your website design agency.


There are lots of website development agencies that are developing your website for your business at very expensive rates. But some of the agencies offering Web design in Lausanne & Geneva are providing such services at reasonable rates. In this information age, an online presence is most important, and you have to create a website for your business and provide products and services. So don’t wait to take your business online and wait for the customers to come to your shop; just make a website maintenance online and take your business online.

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The need of Live chat for websites

Several hundred companies with thousands of products and services are going online in recent years. Internet is quite correctly the biggest platform of marketing in the twenty-first century. With growing competition, the quality and overall standard of the services, as well as the features and user-friendliness of the websites, are undergoing rapid progress. Entrepreneurs and developers strive to make the websites much more appealing and helpful for the customers every day. One such tool to engage the subscribers and/or customers in interactive communication is Chat Wizard Suites.

JivoChat is a suite that utilises innovative and customizable mobile chat wizards. Companies use this for organizing and streamlining customer communication. A neat and useful chat system encourages users to subscribe, purchase products or read their contents.

Image- 1 Beautiful responsive mobile optimized view of JivoChat.

Keeping in mind the interests of small and mid-scale business, the price of JivoChat is affordable and comes with a flexible scheme. Chat wizards proactively engage users in chats. Acknowledgement of users’ review, quick responding customer support and resolving issues faster with better care ensures the trust of users.

Based on the requirements of the company, a system is needed to personalize as per the type of industry, categories of clients and workers. To get the best results, first, you have to understand the requirements and objectives of the company. As per the need, choose basic tools or complex tools. If you want any industry-specific functionalities, that too should reflect in your selection.

JivoChat uses ‘smart triggers‘. It has the ability to set rules formed on page visits and time on page to trigger and send specific automated replies to messages. A good live chat is a must for any web business in this era.

Reviews and experience ratings of real customers help to assess the idea of the services provided by different Live Chat software. Similarly, expert opinions about the same are also assistive in your buying.

Advantages of Live Chat

Advantages of using a good live chat on your website are manifold. Some of them are as follows:

  • Skilful customer service and proper handling of complaints is a vital part of the business. Live Chat is an interactive feature that is very handy to attend to customer complaints, alternative to phone calls.
  • Live Chat feature is more convenient for customers. Many have specific dislikes such as talking over telephone or e mail conversation. Live Chat is simple and customers can start a conversation at their own time and continue it according to their convenience.
  • Increase in scopes of communication through conversation is a benefit provided by Live Chat. With regular interactions, a web page or an online store is likely to convert users to paying subscribers.
  • One of the best plus points of Live Chat is its fast and responsive nature. Agents and support staff engage in interactive conversation and issues are handled more effectively in much less time. Waiting time or queues reduce making the end-users of the website contended.

Live Chat is a must-have feature if the e-business is to succeed. JivoChat comes with browser based, android, iOS agent apps. Response to the customers is easier from anywhere with it. Customer satisfaction is the key to success in e-business. Giving the end users best responsive ways of interaction will boost the company name.


Latest Web Designing Trends Businesses Have to Know

To create a successful online presence, it is necessary to start with a powerful website design. In order to effectively compete with the thousands of websites in your industry, you must ensure the visitors find a fantastic experience with your site. Here are the latest web design trends you will need to know as a business.

Flat design

Today web designers are designing simple and clean website designs in order to ensure an optimum mobile performance. Today the most successful website needs to load well across all kinds of viewing mediums. With the number of mobile searches surging all over the world, responsive design is ruling the trend.

Highly expressive typography

The recent web design trends suggest us that a meticulously chosen word is better than thousand pictures. The designers today rely more on typography to perform he heavy lifting job to help the websites load more quickly.  Studies show that different fonts have the power to transport the users to an altogether different kind of mood and convey the message in a subtle way.

Animated logos

Today’s web browsers can handle animations more effectively than their predecessors. The recent trends show us the subtle use of text animations, logo animations, and scroll triggered animations. These effects can allure the viewers while not requiring large amounts of data to download. These animations can make your company look more professional than those of your competitors.

Internet of things

Today the internet of things makes use of technology for connecting devices to the internet. Some fo the examples to this include smart light bulbs like the Phillips Hue and the apps that can track down your lost keys. Most websites today make use of IoT technology. Today these elements have come to help businesses interact with smart devices.

Virtual reality video

Videos are on sharp rise on websites today. Most websites have a video intro today so that the users can discover the people behind products and services they will buy. Also, apps and services meant to create videos are on sharp rise which has made video creation a fun and easy task.


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Latest Trends in Web Design

Web design is subject to shifts in technology far more than the traditional print. Website design agencies and professional Graphic Design companies are coping with increasing technical challenges yet managing to create user-friendly sites that are consistent with the corporate style.

The latest web design trends include can be identified as follows.

  • Animated logos are trending now allowing companies to enhance their brand further.
  • The GIF has returned because when done well, they can transform a good project to a great one.
  • There has been an increase in the use of bold colours being used across digital platforms.
  • The use of typography which is a powerful weapon on the web has broadened this year.
  • Animation as a means of storytelling is to become popular.
  • Reintroduction of shadows and gradients will add both functionality and beauty to designs.
  • Artificial intelligence is there to stay in the mainstream web design, through technologies like conversational interfaces.
  • The mobile web has already overtaken desktop browsing so web designers will focus more than ever on the mobile audience.

So if you are looking into creating a website for yourself, a Digital Marketing Agency should be what you are looking for to make sure that all the latest trends are taken care of.

Professional Designer, Creative Design & Digital Marketing Agency Neuchâtel, along with creative brandingweb designweb development and printing solutions, create websites taking latest trends into considerations.

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Top Features of Live Chat Software For Better Customer Support


For any company, the main requirement is to address the issues that are faced by their customers. There are many customer care options that a company usually provides to their customers. 24×7 toll free number, email support and recently live chat support is another attractive feature that the company is offering their customers. In live chat support the customer would be able to chat with the executive of the company directly on their website.

In this heavily competitive world, having some extra support options for customers is surely going to bring in a lot more business to your company. So live chat plays an important role and it is one of the best ways the customers can interact with the executives of the company.

Here are some of the features that you must watch out in the live chat support before you opt for them.

Proactive Chat

The proactive chat helps the executives to reach out for the new visitors for your website. These visitors can also become the potential clients in near future so providing them with the assistance they require is very essential. In proactive chat, the invitation for live chat support is sent to the customer through a small chat box in the end or in some other way. If the customer is in need of the live chat he will respond with his query. More than 44% people would like to have real time support when they are online shopping or searching for some help online.

Chat Monitoring

As the owner of the business it is your responsibility to observe the way executives are responding to the customer queries, how many executives are working, what is the chat rate of an executive and many other such details? All these details will help you in understanding how well the live chat program is working and how productive it is.

Mobile Optimized

Reputable live chat software providers like JivoChat will make sure that the customers can chat even on mobile. Usually most of the live chat software are built based on the computer platform but it is important to provide the assistance for the customers through mobile also. So it is important for the live chat to have a mobile optimized version.

Beautiful responsive mobile optimized view of JivoChat.

Tracking of the Visitors

The live chat software must be capable enough to provide a deeper insight of the number of visitors a website had per day and how many conversations went on the whole day, how much time has been spent by each visitor on the live chat, the conversation in the live chat, activity tracking and monitoring of the chat history.

Faster Resolution from Offline Reforms

You can leave a message to the visitors stating that the agents are offline and will get back to them as soon as possible. The chat window can also be turned off for a stipulated period of time. In the mean while the agents will get an offline message about the visitor so that they can get back immediately.

These are some of the key features that must be present in live chat software.




Business Card Design - website Design Agency

Business Card Design Switzerland: Considerations & Free Samples

Developing Effective Marketing Materials:
Business Card Design Considerations


A business card is the most basic marketing tool every business must have. It provides a convenient, relatively inexpensive method to promote your business to everyone you meet everywhere you go. However, too often the business card is under-appreciated and little thought or time is devoted to designing this essential communication tool.

Business cards should be treated no different than any other piece of marketing material. It should function as the work-horse of your marketing arsenal, consistently driving customers to your door. Think of the business card as a mini-advertisement instead of a basic white card with your contact information on the front of it.

If your business card is being distributed only to be safely tucked away in someone’s wallet never to see daylight again, then your business card was not designed effectively and should be re-examined for ways to improve its functionality.

Components of a Business Card

When designing your business card, start by evaluating what basic information you want to include such as:

• Logo
• Tagline
• Business Name
• Individual Name(s)
• Job Title(s)
• Address
• Telephone Number(s)
• E-mail Address
• Website Address


While it seems like common sense to include such fundamental information as your name, address, telephone number and e-mail, many times cards are thrown together too quickly and some important detail is overlooked or forgotten. Let’s examine a few of these a little closer.

Business Logo Design

A logo serves as a visual element used by a business on all of its marketing materials that people can look at and instantly recognize. It is even more effective if the logo somehow reflects what you do or symbolizes something unique about your company. A simple symbol or graphic image using your business name is nice because it does not clutter up space with a direct message and it is highly adaptable to many different uses. Too often people use intricate illustrations for their logos. While this looks appealing on the computer and maybe even paper, how will it look when you want to embroider a t-shirt or shrink it to fit on a business card? Another way to look at this is if you cannot draw the image with a broad-tip marker then it is not a good logo.

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Ideally your business name or logo should indicate what you do. If it doesn’t then you should consider a tagline. A tagline is a descriptor of your business, usually in seven words or less. It is one of those things that looks simple to develop but often isn’t. It needs to be unique, relevant, memorable, and elicit an emotional response, which is why writing a great tagline is so difficult. When developing a tagline think in terms of what makes your company different and valuable and list those words that best convey such concepts.

Business Name

What’s in a name? A lot, when it comes to small business. New enterprises should put as much effort into naming your business as you did into coming up with your idea or writing your business plan. Ideally, your name should convey the value and uniqueness of the product or service you’ve developed. In agriculture, it is common practice to name your business after your farm or family. The question to ask is, does my business name effectively depict a clear picture of what I do to a potential consumer.” For example if you are considering naming your business Brown’s Farm, would potential customers know that you were a Christmas tree grower by looking at your business name alone? If you are an existing business with a name that does not convey what you do, then you will want to clarify this by using an effective logo or tagline.


Always include an address on your business card, even if working from home. It adds credibility and makes your business appear established. When placing an address on a business card, first consider the cards’ general function to support your business and who will be the primary target audience. This is especially important if you have different addresses for your physical business location and receiving mail. If your operation takes place at several locations such as multiple farmers markets, and you generally do not sell on the farm then you might want to use your mailing address since the card will likely be used primarily for communication purposes. However, if you have an on-farm market or agritourism venue, then the physical address is preferred so that customers can find your operation. It is also perfectly acceptable to use both addresses, however, be careful not to clutter the card with too much information.

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Telephone Number(s)

Today it is not uncommon for a business to utilize a variety of telephone numbers with the addition of toll free numbers, fax machines, cellular phones, and Internet services such as Skype and Vonage. It is
essential you include at least one telephone number on your business card. Should you decide to include multiple numbers on the card then they should be listed in order of establishment such as main land line first, fax machine second and cellular third. It is also noteworthy to mention the importance of including area codes and extensions when applicable. Keep in mind your customer might be new to the area or live in a location which utilizes multiple area codes. Failure to include the full ten digit number could result in a loss of sale if your customer is unable to reach you.

E-mail Address

E-mail addresses are often overlooked as an opportunity to brand your business. Instead of using a generic e-mail address such as “yourname@yahoo.com” or “yourfarm@comcast.net,” invest in an e-mail address that complements the domain name of your website. For example, if your website address is www.berryfarm.com, then a good e-mail address might be “yourname@berryfarm.com.” Today’s technology makes e-mail personalization inexpensive and easy to set up, enabling you to further business credibility and professionalism. If you are unable to personalize your e-mail at this time, make sure the e-mail address you are using on your card represents your business in its best light. Simply put, avoid using cute and kitschy addresses such as “proudmom24@free-email.com” or crazygoatlady@freeemail.com,” which may seem harmless and are fine for your personal life but come across very unprofessional.

Website Address

A website is a must in today’s business world, even if it’s a simple, one-page site that provides only basic contact information, it should be thought of as your on-line business card. A website provides potential
and existing customers easy 24-hour access to learn more about your business, the products you sell and the services you offer. You website address should be included on every marketing material you develop, and your business card is no exception.

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Layout and Design Considerations

While contact information is essential it does not need to be the only information you include on the card. Remember, your business card should really be thought of as a mini advertisement. When designing an ad for the newspaper, what additional information might you consider including that you would not generally think of adding to a business card? The use of color, photos, graphics or a unique layout will help your business card stand out. Including a bulleted list of your products or services is also useful. Remember space is limited so maximize the cards impact by using both sides.

Lastly, consider how to make the card will work for you beyond its traditional purpose. Give your customers a reason to hold on to your card and not file it away never to be seen again. Include a discount offer such as a coupon on the back, which can be redeemed at their next purchase. Implement a rewards program. Mark the card each time a purchase is made and after your customer makes a certain number of purchases then reward them with a discount or free gift. Remember to replace the card with a new one each time the customer redeems their old one.


Business cards are undoubtedly one of the best ways to promote your company’s products or services. The most effective business cards serve as a multi-functional marketing tool. It will incorporate not only basic contact information but also use strategies to make the business card work as a mini-advertisement or promotion.

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How to Maintain Your Website and Keep it Updates, Always?

Building a website comes hand in hand with a lot of responsibilities. There are simply no shortcuts in a website maintenance. You cannot afford to build the website and turn your back to it, but instead look after its maintenance every single time and keep it updated if you wish to boost traffic and fetch success. You can even contact a website development agency to do the needful, but if you wish to do it yourself, you need to look out for the basics of it.

Regular Website Maintenance Tips

Keep your website free of viruses, malware, errors, and hackers

Hackers are not only into alerting about themselves on your website front page. There is a possibility that you can be infected and you would totally remain oblivious to the fact that your site might be in use to send links to dangerous domains of the web or spam emails. By letting a digital marketing services Switzerland or any other such digital agencies set up a strict monitoring service, you make sure that your website is  free from site bugs.

Make sure you have a regular backup schedule

Backing your site is essential and must be done on a regular basis, especially for people who often update their site. The web host is liable to maintain a scheduled backup for you. And even though they can keep, it might be an age-old thing and not in sync with the modern updates of the site. In case you see the site crashing for a particular reason or gets hacked or even you make mistake, your edits would be gone forever. In such scenes, you can browse through website redesigns at low prices and avail the services.

Keep your software updated

Most of the websites are made on a basis of content management, which means that the software it owns might potentially be destroyed. Development of WordPress website is in vogue today and majority designers use WordPress for a number of reasons, but one of the major reasons is because it is always improved and updated and is also more secure. When the people of WordPress website development or WordPress itself released the latest version, it becomes essential for you to update the site, failure of which might leave you vulnerable. Also, you should treat plug-in updates with equal attention. Basically, all the software updates are a type of protection.

Keep your content updated

This might not be a stringent issue of maintenance, but it is equally important to keep the site updated, fresh along with genuine and good content. Publishing and blogging schedule would make sure that your website visitors return being content and happy.

Once you have ticked all the above points, you are good to go and witness the success of your website. You can check online website design low prices for fantastic deals and amazing website development.


Why you need to modernize your website?

1. Visual Appeal

When people visit your site, they see it as a reflection of your organisation. If your site looks professional and is loaded with useful information readers will see you as an authority and expert. Likewise if the site looks poorly designed and structured and/or out-of-date they’ll make the same assumptions about your company. The website should highlight your product and/or service and the layout should look harmonious and consistent.

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Why having a website is important for a small business?

It is surprising how many small businesses still do not have a website as 93% of business purchase decisions start with a search engine search. Moreover, Running your own business is no easy task, and your to-do-list is guaranteed to never end. Beginning with your website, it’s vital to position yourself online with a strong, professional destination that gives customers the impression you mean business and the motivation to want to engage more with your business.

Here are the top six reasons why having a website is important to business success.

1. First Impressions Count

Let’s face it – we live in a world where people Google before they shop, visit online review sites like Yelp before they buy and “check-in” via Facebook as they go about their days. Because of this, you want your first impression to be the best it can be. Beginning with your website, consumers are passing judgement and making decisions about whether or not they will even visit your store, restaurant or office. They’re likely to dismiss you entirely, as well, should they believe your website doesn’t reflect the kind of experience your business – or a business like yours – should offer.

2. A website makes your business look more credible and professional

Without a website many people will not even consider you as an option when they are looking for products or services. If they can’t find you online they simply write you off as an option. A good website informs and reassures customers that you know what you are doing and can deliver what they need.

3. A website increases your reach to customers

At any point in time more than 20 million shoppers are online, purchasing everything from books to computers to cars to food to cleaning services. You name it and however likely it may seem, someone will figure out how to sell it online. Even if they do not actually buy online many people now carry out Internet searches prior to shopping to find services in their local area and compare prices, venues etc. When you have a website your reach becomes far wider – you have a global audience that can access information about your company.

4. A website is a cost effective way to market your products or services

Many small businesses cite cost as the main reason for not having a website, but actually when you consider the potential reach to customers that you can achieve with a website when compared to traditional print advertising, it is one of the most cost effective ways to advertise.  For the cost of a newspaper advert you could get yourself a professionally designed website which, when coupled with social media can extend your reach way beyond that of print.

5. Window Shopping Isn’t What It Use to Be

Strolling down your local Main Street isn’t the only way people check out stores and other small businesses nowadays. With routine visits to Yahoo, Bing, Google, Yelp and other online sites, customers are constantly seeking where they plan to make their next purchases. Make sure your business is well represented on these sites by first and foremost, having a website – but by also being represented among each of the online search engines, review sites and other online spots your business may be considered for customer review. Beyond having your URL address available, also be sure your street address, phone number and email is easily visible. Social media links can’t hurt, either, but only include these if you are actually active on social media.

6. No Website Means Losing Business

By now it’s clear that if you don’t have a website, you’re missing out on opportunities for customers to identify who  you are and if they want to spend money with you. This said, if you have a bad website it is better to have no website. While no website equals missed opportunities, a bad website can actually be worse since it literally makes your business look bad. With so many template based websites available nowadays, such as Shopify.com, for you to customize for your unique business, there’s truly no excuse for your website to look unprofessional and sloppy. If you can’t proudly promote the website you have currently live and available for the world to see online, take it down. A bad website is far worse than no website – but let’s be clear… both are bad for business.

7. If you’re not online get online

Harnessing the web as a business tool is important, even for businesses that may consider themselves as primarily offline. Beauty businesses, fitness businesses, plumbers, driving instructors and any number of other service businesses ultimately all measure success by their ability to build offline relationships – and the web can play a huge part in that. So no matter how established your businesses is offline, it’s crucial to get the basics of online in place.
As a small business, it’s unlikely you’ll have big budgets, staff or free personnel hours to invest in a complex online strategy, but there are certainly some simple steps you can take to start reaping the rewards that the web can bring. Don’t get left behind, get started today!


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To Be The Best Designer You Can Be

Being a designer is awesome – I love the fact that each project is different and I love the fact that a little piece of me is injected into everything I do. I also work with an awesome team of people who are all pushing themselves to make each project better than the last, but you know what? Being a designer can be pretty tough.

“If it was easy, everyone would be doing it”

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